Thursday, August 29, 2013


Dear One,
Notice how a small child responds to your smiles, which lifts your spirits because it has lifted the spirits of the child. His or her eyes shine and the face lifts into a big smile which is accompanied by sounds of glee from the baby. It will smile back to you, turning its face toward you many times to again receive the smiles, chich is a confirmation of its validity, its value to you and to the world. Strangers on the street also have the same reactions, returning your smiles because you have noticed them, given them a smile which has also recognized their existence as being valued and prized because you took the time to acknowledge their existence and offered them a positive part of your being, which is a smile. 
The strangers respond to you with a smile or a greeting and there is unity and love established at the moment because smiles carry a message of love just like words do. Smiles are a validation of a parson's life. Pass on the loving and life validating smiles so that people will be elevated above their problems and bad situation. It doesn't cost you anything but means the world to others. Spreading love into the earth is easy. It only takes sharing a smile with strangers. Love, God Mark 12:31; 34; Romans 8:38-39; I Corinthians 13: 4-7; Philippians 13:1-2;

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