Monday, August 5, 2013


Dear One,
        Learn this lesson and learn it well: Every time you get impatient in waiting for the perfect answers to your prayers and you take the situations back into your own hands, either trying to fix the situation or help Me speed things along, at that moment I have to remove My hands and mighty arm and let you handle it yourself. You have experienced the same thing happen with your own children. When they insist on doing something themselves, you have to step back and let them try. Very often they only complicate matters and ask for your assistance in fixing the matter which they further complicated by lack of knowledge, ability and dexterity. Relating to the situations in which you have prayed for My solutions, you had prayed for My supernatural power to accomplish the perfect answer because you did not have the necessary wisdom, ability and knowledge to change the matter from bad to good. That is why you asked for My expertise in the matter, knowing that I will work wonders in your behalf. But when you, because of impatience, take it out of My hands, you have again made it an earthly matter rather than a spiritual matter requiring supernatural intervention. When you insist on playing God, I can no longer be God in the situation. You again try to make earthly solutions work, much to your disdain and disappointment. Impatience and unbelief are earthly twins just like faith and patience are spiritual twins. You can gauge your unbelief by your impatience. When either of those spiritual weaknesses, impatience and unbelief, are apparent in your thinking, it is time to begin to seek Me with your whole heart until you hear My words and faith is infused into your mind again. Faith comes by hearing My words. Unbelief comes by hearing the devil's words of impatience in your thoughts. Faith and patience will bring the perfect answer to every problem. It will be worth the waiting.
Love, God
     I Timothy 6;11-12; II Timothy 2:2; Hebrews 6:12; James 1:3-8; Galatians 5:22;

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