Saturday, August 31, 2013


Dear One, You can always learn something of value from every situation and circumstance in your life. They truly are called life's lessons. My Spirit will reveal the inner workings happening behind the scenes and teach you how to avoid troubled areas in the future so that there will be no painful results in your life. My Spirit is your private tutor; He is My Spirit of Truth. He knows how to maneuver around the rough spots in life and He knows how to take advantage of the smooth ones.
I gave My Spirit to you to be your spiritual radar as well as your tutor and revealer of truth. When you listen to Him, you will be shephered to green pastures and into still waters where you soul is restored. Problem areas of your life are only problems if you do not listen to My Spirit for insight, wisdom and knowledge. Without His teachings, the problems are merely that, problems which will escalate and consume you. Keep your spiritual ears constantly tuned to the channel of the Holy Spirit. He helped Me create the world,He provided the power to raise Jesus from the dead, and He knows how to restore everything in the world to perfection. Love, God John 14: 15; John 16:7-15; Psalm 23; John 4;24; Galatians 5:9-11.

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