Thursday, August 1, 2013


Dear One,
Would it surprise you to know that there are keys to My kingdom that fit every problem that you will ever have, every obstacle that you will ever encounter and keys to overcoming every temptation that you will ever have? That is the truth. I said that no temptation will ever come your way that is not common to man, and when the temptation comes from the devil I have already made a way of escape so that you will bear up under it by being strengthened to overcome it. That promise should be the empowerment that you need when you are in the midst of problems. Yes, there are solutions to every problem. I said every problem.

  I have the key to overcoming every troubling and distressing situation. There is nothing beyond My purview to handle and solve. My Holy Spirit is always primed and ready, eager to get involved with you and give you My keys, My solutions to anything that is perplexing to you. My keys will unlock your darkened and confused mind where you are blinded to the solution to any problem. My Spirit will cut asunder the soul and the spirit, discerning the intents of My heart, your heart and the hearts of everyone involved in the troubling situation. He will infuse you with the solution and empower you to do what is required of you while I am performing My tasks to solve your problems. When My Spirit lives in you, He is always on point, eager to begin the infusion of His wisdom and insight into you so that you will be free of the burden, free of the emotional turmoil, and again be at peace while you wait for the culmination of the answer to your prayers. I'm your Heavenly Dad and I have an endless number of keys on My key ring just waiting for you to ask to use one of them or many of them in any situation. I hand you whichever ones it takes to solve every problem. If you will pay close attention, I said EVERY problem. That's what good Fathers do.
Love, God
Matthew 16:19; I Corinthians 10:13; I Corinthians 2:9-12; Hebrews 4:10-13; John 14:23-27; John 16:7-16.

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