Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Dear One,

Hold dear to yourself all friendships from which you receive love and regard. They are gifts from Me, gifts sent to help fulfill your need for companionship and genuine love. My gifts are always beneficial to you. They fill a need in your life. When there are friendships that are toxic to you, hold them dear to your heart, sow love, but hold them at a distance. Loving someone doesn't mean that you need to be in close proximity to them if that association is not emotionally beneficial to you.

 Remember what you heard a wise teacher once say that I, in My wisdom, did not put the nose and the toes together in the human body and there are people in My body who are noses and there are people that are toes. The toes don't have to smell up the existence of the noses by being in close proximity. You can love them from a distance and they will function better if they love you from a distance. Sometimes they are sent by the evil one to keep you depressed and filled with strife. You can love at a distance the ones who injure you emotionally, which might eventually injure you physically as bitterness settles into your body. If a toxic friend needs you at a difficult time in his or her life, you would be there to offer assistance in acts of love. However, loving yourself will not allow you to expose yourself to toxicity as a normal part of life. You can lay down your life for a friend in time of need without laying your life down to be trampled on again and again as a regular course of life. That is victimization. Protect yourself from toxicity in relationships just like you protect yourself from contagious diseases. You must be careful not to spread the toxicity by gossiping about the offending person. Give yourself time to heal from abusive relationships while I teach you to treasure all My children. Treasure those relationships that are healthy to you emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Peter and Paul loved each other from afar while I taught them important spiritual lessons. Eventually there was respect and unconditional love for each other. They both grew in their knowledge of being respectful of the opinions of each other with love. You must treasure the relationships that are a blessing to you. Also treasure the ones that you can only love from afar because I am working grace and forgiveness into the lives of everyone.
Love, God
I Thessalonians 4:7-11; I Thessalonians 5:12-15; Matthew 10:12-14Mark 9:50; Luke 17:3-4; Romans 13:8-11; I Corinthians 13:4-7; Ephesians 3:14-20

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