Sunday, August 4, 2013


Dear One,
  Occasionally rewarding yourself for a job well done is necessary for your self esteem. Having done a good job is one reward. Having a product or project of which you can be proud will emotionally reward you. Doing a craft, decorating or redecorating will offer you rewards when you gaze upon them and enjoy the finished product which is a feast for your eyes and emotions.

  Making something for someone else will reward you when you are thanked and complimented for your generosity. So giving of yourself also brings rewards to you. Giving compliments to others will bring rewards because those compliments will be returned to you from people, which will undergird your ego. Being rewarded should not be the objective of your giving. That is manipulative sacrificing. Giving because of love from an abundance of joy has its genuine rewards. You can reward yourself for doing a good job. Taking a much needed rest is a reward for completing a task and doing a good job. Purchasing something for yourself is a nice reward when you have already given to others. Enjoying good entertainment is a reward for completing a day of work. Giving love to the unloved has the biggest rewards because you see life return to the person. Giving My gift of wisdom has its rewards because you see freedom come to the recipient of the wisdom. You see spiritual and emotional bondages fall away. Giving the Gifts of My Holy Spirit, when He prompts you to do so, has its rewards because they meet the needs of a person, providing an answer to the prayers of the person. The reward is that you get to share in the joy of seeing a person who was blind begin to have spiritual and earthly sight. Rewarding yourself has many facets. Often the greatest one is giving to others because of the abundance of your blessings. That brings joy to Me and to you. Giving joyfully is its own reward because of what it does to the other person, letting them know that they are important enough to you and to Me to deserve your time and efforts. The lights in the eyes of the one who receives a gift is a huge reward. I experience it regularly, seeing the delight in the eyes of My children who have abundantly received My blessings. That is My reward.
Love, God Matthew 10:8; Romans 8:31-32; I Corinthians 2:12-16; Revelations 21:6-7; John 3:16; I Corinthians 12:1-21.

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