Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Dear One,
We have talked about the fact that My grace has given to you and to all of My children the gift of free will, the right to make your own choices, choices between what will bless you and what will curse you. You should do the same thing with your children and with other people, give them the grace to make their own choices, respecting their decisions. If they make a bad choice which affects their success and prosperity, if they find that their plans were counterproductive to their success and they realize their mistakes and come to you for guidance and insight, then you must do the same thing that I do for you, show the same grace that I show towards you. My grace includes forgiveness and guidance toward restoration. I go after the lost sheep and I seek to restore them to the fold every time. The children of Israel tested My grace and patience over and over under My old covenant with them. Every time they turned to Me, I gave them guidance as to the way out of the curses that plagued them because of their bad choices. I pursue My rebellious children and I seek to restore them to My family lest they fall under the influence of wolves and be consumed. Do likewise to your rebellious children and friends who have lost their way if they come to you and ask for guidance and knowledge from you on how to get back on the right track. Grace is a result of unconditional love. It covers all mistakes, blotting them out, and urges the lost ones onto the right path. I took a chance when I gave free will to My children. You must realize that you also take a chance with your children when you give them the grace to make their own choices, always being there to help guide them into the right choices when they ask for your guidance. They might not ask for your guidance until you have forgiven them. My children come to Me because they know that I have forgiven them. If you were to count the times I said, "Grace to you," in My Instruction Book for My children. it would be in the hundreds. Let your thoughts toward all people be, "Grace and peace to you."
 Love, God
 Matthew 15:4-7; John 1:14-17; John 4:33; Acts 15:11; Acts 20:32; Romans 1:7; Romans 3:21; Romans 4:16; Romans 5:15-21.     

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