Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Dear One,
     You have noticed that there are family dynamics of hysteria in certain families which only produce strife and destruction.  You often wonder how it can happen in adults who are supposed to be mature and grown up.
     Those scenarios happen because of untamed thoughts, untamed emotions and untamed tongues which are set afire by hell for the purpose of destroying unity in a family.  Each family is supposed to be an earthly replica of My family. 
     James said that the tongue is a mighty fire.  Yes, "mighty" is what he said.
     The tongue is anatomically only a muscle that responds to the mind, which is the breeding ground of strife, hatred and anger if thoughts, emotions and tongues are not controlled.
      James had the key to My kingdom that words have power to either bring life or to bring death.  He said that the tongue is an instrument of evil, full of deadly poison.  He knew the truth that it is used by satan to deliver his demonic characteristics into the life of a person, poisoning the person with evil thoughts which will influence his or her emotions, which will then erupt into divisive, strife filled, poisonous words.  The devil's efforts have been accomplished when that happens.  He can poison the whole "lump," the entire family because sides are chosen, emotions continue to be fueled by explosive words, and the family is engaged in an all out war. 
       Sometimes the family war eventually results in killings, which delights the demonic forces of evil.  If the family dynamics don't produce physical killings, they produce emotional injury from which a person never recovers.  They destroy the unity of the family. 
       Just think, the thoughts of one person inflamed his emotions, which also inflamed his tongue, which spoke explosive words, which produced a family war. Selfish, untamed thoughts of one person were responsible for the violent scenario.
       You might call it tragic but I call it deadly because love has been smothered out in that family. Instead of the family being bound together with love, it is separated by strife and all of its evil works. 
        Sometimes the strife goes on for years, cursing generation after generation unless one person decides to refuse to be a pawn of satan.  One person can determine to stop the assaults which the members do to each other, starting with damaging words which kill the soul. If the assaults are not stopped in one generation, the assaults will escalate in the next generation into physical assaults. 
       Anyone can be that one person who will determine to only sow love seeds in his family.  That love will result in love plants which produce love seeds which produce love plants and on and on.  I said that love covers a multitude of sins.  Love will smother the strife plants in a greater degree than the anger and strife originally smothered the love in the family. 
       One person is all it takes.  It only took Jesus to die for the sins of the entire world.  It takes one person in a family to die to selfish thoughts and emotions which produce the verbal assaults which will destroy a family. It takes one person to be mature in love.
       At one point I searched for one man to intercede for his entire family and I found none. I constantly look for one person in every family in the earth, one person who will become mature enough to intercede for his or her damaged family and bring love into it where destruction exists.
      Be that one person who is determined to sow My love.
Love, God
Joshua 23:10-14; Ecclesiastes 7:27-29; Proverbs 140:11; James 3;             

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