Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Dear One,
     By faith you are called to a relationship with Me.
     By faith all of My children are called to a relationship with Me.
     Faith is not a power that is mere human power.  Faith is a supernatural power of attraction that attracts good things to itself. 
     Jesus told some people whom He healed that their faith had made them whole.  If it had been human power that did it, they would have been previously healed.   The faith that healed them was a power that drew them to Jesus and then convinced them that He could and would heal them.  He did by His power of faith because their faith was in the expectaton that Jesus would heal them.
     When a person reaches out to Me for help, a special kind of faith will meet  and envelop the person, empowering the person with supernatural belief.  Yes, even faith is a gift from Me.
      When We are unified in Spirit, then the calling results in spiritual works of loving others, having mercy for others, compassion for others, forgiveness of others and peace with others.  Those can only be in operation in a person who has united with Me and has My life within him or her to provide the faith power within them to produce  My characteristics and virtues inside of them.
      When My Spirit wrote that faith without works is dead, He was talking about the works that flow from love, not the works that flow from institutional ministry callings.  He was telling My children that when He lives within them that they will be overflowing with love, joy, mercy, peace , goodness, kindness, faith and patience.  Those works are the real works of My Spirit within the life of a person.
       The works of My Spirit within you are the works that I desire because they will become further works of My Spirit in the earth.
       When My works of love permeate the life of a person, then the works of ministry happen naturally because people are drawn to the love and want what you have.  Then ministry is so easy because they are drawn to Me by your love and you introduce them to Me by your testimonies.  The works of salvation are My work, not yours.  Your only works are to allow Me to create My character and personality in you and then let it flow to others, changing the world with My love through you.
       True conversion is produced by My children being drawn to My love.  Then they can receive My Life within them by the indwelling of My Spirit, which changes them completely into My image of love.
       Conversions produced by fear are never true conversions because fear of Me will constantly permeatethe mind of  the fearful person, fear of punishment.  Ministries who base their messages on fear of punishment are false ministries.  The ministers don't know Me.  They only know facts about Me from other ministers of fear.
       Let Me create you a minister of love.  Then My ministry through you will be of My power and not yours.
      Love, God
Ephesians 13:5--6; Ephesians 2:5-10; Romans 4:6-9; James 2:17-20; James 2:26; Galatians 5:22.  I John 4:12; I John 4:18-21, I Corinthians 12:7-8.

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