Monday, July 22, 2013


Dear One,
     The best laid plans of men aren't always the most strategic ones that produce the best results.  In fact, they are rarely the most effective ones.  That is because those plans and strategies are limited to earthly knowledge while My plans are always plans which will include undisclosed insight and wisdom which can't be discerned with mere human minds.
     The hidden knowledge has not been hidden by Me from My children.  Human understanding has been darkened and limited by the spiritual enemies who desired to close off My direct line to all humans which would carry information that would cause them to be successful in every area of life in the earth.  That spiritual information can only be discerned by hearing My Fatherly advice which I constantly give to all of My children.  But, since the minds of men have been blinded to My insight and wisdom by My enemies, the only way to receive and understand My strategic plans is to have the interpreter of My effective plans inside of you as your private tutor.  My Holy Spirit is the supreme pipeline, the spiritual umbilical cord through which all of My children can receive My insights which will cause them to prosper spirit, soul and body.
       Yet, some of My children still refuse to hear My personal words to them because of fear, fear of judgment, fear of failure, fear of not being able to recognize My voice, fear of loss of friends, fear of persecution, fear of isolation and fear of becoming religious.  When you truly hear My voice, you will know My unconditional love for you, and you will know that I do not judge you.  When you hear My words and take My advice, you will never fail, you will be surrounded with loved ones and you will become more and more like Me, nonreligious.  You will become loving rather than religious, because religion separates My children.
       Do not refuse to accept My Holy Spirit, who is your teacher, your private tutor, your joy, your wisdom, your insight, your distributor of prosperity and success, your freedom from earthly and mental bondage and your interpreter of My divine will for your life.
       Through My Holy Spirit and My power in Him, I have given everything necessary for you to obtain the abundant life that Jesus promised and to attain all godliness so that you can be a light in the darkened world.
        I sent My Spirit into the earth so that I can bless My children like I did at the beginning before My enemy robbed from My children.  Listen to My Spirit and take His advice and you will prosper in all areas of your life.
       Love, God
II Peter 1:3-4; John 14:16-17; John 14:25-27; John 15: 25-27; John 16:7-15; Luke 24:49; I Corinthians 2;8-12.

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