Monday, July 15, 2013


Dear One,

Unbelief will come flooding into your mind when you box Me in, only believing that I can do what you have experienced or your religious institutions teaches that I can do. That limits Me to what you perceive as the ways I can make My gifts available. Boxing Me in will limit your faith and only allow Me to work within the confines of your ability to believe. That is why religion can become dangerous, because of its limiting beliefs.

Unbelief in miracles and healings began when religious teachings limited My power because of the experiences of the religious leaders. Then the masses limited My abilities in the earth because they believed the leaders rather than believing My words. My children stopped coming to Me for life changing miracles and healings so there were none because it takes belief from the minds of My children before I can work in their behalf.

Belief is the faith system that believes not only that I can do the unimaginable works, but believes that I will do them.

When religion fails people, the diligent ones will personally turn to Me, I will meet their needs, they will tell others, and then belief is restored in the earth.

There are many of My children who don't believe that I personally speak to My children today because they have been taught that I stopped talking to My children when I sent Jesus or when I sent the Bible, the Instruction Book. I did not become mute at that point in history. I did not stop leading and guiding My children. Sometimes they do not recognize that I am leading them and guiding them. They call it intuition or ideas or inner promptings or fleeting thoughts. When My children begin to recognize the wise and knowledgeable thoughts as My voice, then they will learn to depend upon My guidance in their everyday lives. When that happens, the limitations set upon Me by religion begin to fall.

There are special ways that I prove Myself to My children, depending upon their individual personalities and religious teachings. I strive to go beyond all religious limitations in the lives of My children, proving My Fatherhood in magnificent ways.

If you will refrain from boxing Me in, you will see more miracles, more healings, and you will hear more words of wisdom and knowledge.

When Jesus said that to him who has, to him more be given; but to him who has not, what he has will be taken away, he was referring to My personal words to My children, My keys to My kingdom. When a child of mine begins to recognize My voice and depend upon My wisdom, more will be given to that person because that person has opened his mental gates to Me because he or she recognizes My voice. But to those people who have boxed Me in, believing that My wisdom is not for today, even the beliefs that he has will be taken away by the enemy who will rob the person of all belief.

I am bigger and more powerful than any limitations that My children put upon Me. I never stop healing, I never stop performing miracles, I never stop giving words of wisdom and knowledge, I never stop giving My words of prophesy to My children, I never stop praying through their mouths in My spiritual language and I never stop interpreting those languages as a sign to the unbelievers.

I said that I will do exceedingly, abundantly, above all you dare think or imagine, according to the power that is you. That power has to be the power of the Holy Spirit and His gift of faith that is resident in your thoughts. "More than you can think or imagine" is telling you to stop limiting Me. Open yourself up to whatever I have for you.

I don't limit you. You can tell that by the fact that I gave you free will and I give you the gift of faith. Don't limit Me.

Love, God

Ephesians 1:15-23; Ephesians 3:14-20; Matthew 13:10012.

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