Saturday, July 6, 2013


Dear One,
     You naturally celebrate good times.  It is human nature to celebrate when you win, when you observe special days and when you feel good.
     If you can learn to celebrate even when you lose and things look dreary, that will turn the tide in your behalf because celebrating means that you know that My ways are greater and more beneficial than other ways that might look like you are losing.
     Celebrating when you are losing and things are going badly is a faith statement, it is declaring that I will turn the mourning into gladness and change the circumstances so that they will benefit you.  Celebrate that I am on your side and I have a wonderful plan to make you a winner in every area of life.
      Rejoicing is the same thing as celebrating.  I told you to rejoice that your name is written in My Book of Life, the birth book of all My children.  So celebrate and rejoice that you are My child regardless of the circumstances.
     If you can celebrate during trying times, the tides will turn in your behalf from losing to winning.  You will see blessings instead of curses.
     Celebrate the turning of the tide from bad to good even when it looks impossible for anything to change.  That is called faith, faith in Me and My ability to do what you and other people cannot do in the circumstances.  I can do the impossible according to human understanding.
       I said I can do exceedingly above all you dare think or imagine, according to the power that is in you.  When the power in you is faith, then stand aside and watch Me work My tide changing miracles.
      Love, God
I Corinthians 2:5; I Corinthians 4:20; II Corinthians 4:7; Ephesians 3:20; Luke 6:23; I Peter 4:3-13; Psalm 30:11-12.
photo from sapphires moonbeams 

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