Friday, July 26, 2013


Dear One,
     Give credit when credit is due.  Give Me credit when credit due to Me.
     Give credit to others when credit it due to them.  Don't take responsibility for something good that someone else has done. If you do take the credit, that is like stealing the acclaim from the other person.
     Stealing the limelight instead of giving the proper credit to the deserving person is actually an act of deceit.  You are deceiving the other person but you are also deceiving yourself.  It is an act of pride.  It is robbing from others the recognition that they deserve.
     When I give you a revelation, a song, an insight, a word of wisdom or knowledge, a healing, a miracle, you should pass on the credit to Me, not steal the limelight or rob Me of the credit due.  I neither need the credit nor do I crave the glory and the acknowledgement. However, other people need to know that I will also do the same things for them, provide the answers to their needs.  They need to know that I give gifts that improve and bless their lives.  If you take the credit for the supernatural help in a matter, how will people know that they can trust Me to do the same things for them?
      Some of My children are eager to credit Me with devastation and works of the devil.  They blame Me for storms, droughts, devastation, earthquakes, tornadoes, wars illnesses, all manner of evil happenings.  They don't know Me well enough to know that evil workings are not from Me. 
      There are times when people even give credit to the devil for wonderful things that I have done, saying that supernatural healings, miracles and speaking in heavenly languages are from the evil one.  That is blasphemous. How tragic that they credit the devil for the things that bless My children and they credit Me for the things that curse My children.  It should not be so.
      When I give you supernatural insight into a matter, give credit where credit is due for the benefit of those who need to hear that I lead, guide, direct, heal  and do supernatural things for people.
      People are hungry to hear that I am an active participant in the lives of My children.  Don't rob them of the knowledge that I have supplied you with help in a time of need. It is not pride to give credit to Me for some insight, wisdom and knowledge which frees you.  Share it with others and let My insight, wisdom and knowledge free them to the same degree.  How will they know that I am a Helping Father if you don't give Me credit where it is due?
      There is no thanksgiving and praises for me when you take credit for some supernatural insight and wisdom instead of passing the credit on to Me.  The praise stops with you when you take the credit for gifts I have given to you.  Then pride will take over because you will eventually believe that all My wisdom comes from your own mind.  Eventually what you have in the form of wisdom from Me will be taken away by the evil one.  He loves for you to take credit for My works so he can deceive other people.
       Give credit where credit is due.  It is for your benefit, not mine.  I don't need the praise.  You need the humility of giving Me credit for My good works.
      Love, God
Job 37:22-23; Job 38:1-2; John 5:30-32; John 16:7-15; I Corinthians 12:4-11.

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