Thursday, July 18, 2013


Dear One,
     Addictions are life suckers.
     Addictions are life suckers because the addictions need your life on which to draw to prolong their own lives. 
     The object of additive spirits is to extinguish your life in order to prolong its own life.
     Addictions are not an addiction to life, they are a deduction from life, taking away all benefits and blessings from you.
     All addictions will rob you of enjoyment.  I will tell you how insidious addictions are; they will cause a person to crave the very thing that will kill the person. They will give the person the feeling that he or she cannot live without the addiction, but it will lead to the death of the person while it is still causing the person to crave it.
     The devil works in extremes.  Every addictive spirit craves more than its rightful share of something.  It craves all that is available until the person is completely incapacitated and close to death or even dead.
      Very often it works in the other extreme, craving a lack of something, food, water, medicinal help or cleanliness.  You have heard of starvation diets, fears of doctors and medicine, slothfulness and uncleanness.  Those are to the other extreme from gluttony, hypochondria and extreme fastidiousness.  Yet, they are still addictions.
       Be alert to refuse extreme thoughts of anything.  You will be in bondage to anything that is extreme in nature.
       All addictions begin in the mind, causing you to crave what the addictive spirit coaches you to crave.  All cravings will be to the extreme in some way, craving too much or craving too little.
       Some people crave too many religious practices as a substitute to intimately knowing Me.  There is no good substitute for a one on one relationship with Me.  There is nothing that will suffice you, no craving that will perfect you, no craving that will fulfill you, no craving that will complete you.  Only a relationship with Me will satisfy your soul.
       You must be empathetic to people who are addicted to anything.  Often their eyes are blinded to their addictions and they don't know how to be released from the bondage.  Substituting My Holy Spirit in their lives for the addictivdemonic e spirits will release them from the bondage.  People who are addicted to anything need the power of My Holy Spirit to release them from the life sucking addictions.
     Love, God
Acts 8:21-24; Romans 8;15-21; Ephesians 2:4; Galatians 5:1; John 8:35-36.   
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