Friday, July 5, 2013


Dear One,
     The advice that I give to you is never complicated insight.  It is always plain, every day, simple wisdom.
     The reason My children miss it, is that they think My instructions and advice  are complicated because of who I am. My wisdom is so simple that you miss the truth contained within it.
      I said that My wisdom confounds the wise.  That is because of its simplicity.  My advice is always basic and uncomplicated; yet, it is powerful.  Very often, when you finally allow My insight into your mind, you think it's your thoughts but it's not.  It's My insight which will free you from ignorance of how to solve a problem or restore a relationship.  My advice will always take away worries, confusion, division, judging, anger, strife, unrest and fear.
      When I speak to My children through My Holy Spirit, I speak with the knowledge that you already have stored in the mind of your spirit where My Spirit resides. My Spirit just brings it to the surface and waves it in front of your fleshly mind so that you will recognize it as truth.  Immediate peace is restored to your fleshly mind because My words are quick and have power to cut asunder the soul and the spirit, the joints and marrow, and discern the intents of the heart.
     When you listen to My insights, you immediately understand the intents of others, you immediately identify the motivation behind your part of the situation, and you are empowered with My instructions to you on how you can facilitate your part in the earthly solution so that My heavenly solution will flood in and completely heal whatever needs fixing. 
       Good earthly fathers don't make things difficult for their children to understand.    They don't make themselves difficult for their children to know.  They don't make it difficult for their children to know the solutions to problems.
       I am your Father of solutions and understanding.  I don't make things difficult for My children.  I make things simple.
       What could be more simple during a volatile situation than the advice I give to you to immediately forgive those who have wronged you?  There is nothing complicated about it.  It's simple truth.  When you forgive others, it takes the power away from the demonic father of lies and strife.  Forgiving others restores you and other people to My grace and peace.  That truth is so uncomplicated that My children miss it.
        Listening to My advice will give you complete peace and prosperity in all areas of your life, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.
        I am your Father and I am wiling and eager to plunge you to victory in any situation that you encounter.   My wisdom to you will do its job because My wisdom is full of power, even though it's simple and uncomplicated.
        Love, God
Hebrews 4:12-13;  Psalm 1:1-3; John 6:66-68; John 14:23-27;
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