Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Dear One,
       Everything good in the earth began with Me.  There was no other good beginning except from Me.  I am the Alpha, the beginning of all life in the earth.  i am the Omega, the end of all curses in the earth.
       I am the Creator and I never stopped creating good things for My children.   I willingly create wonderful things for you, if you will  let Me. 
       I create wonderful things for your family, if they will let Me.
       I create wonderful things for your world, if heads of nations will let Me.
       I create wonderful things for your country, if your officials will let Me.
       All of My creations bless My children. 
       So why aren't you, your family, your country or your world being completely blessed?
        I can't do it without the permission of the people.  Jesus said that My children must seek Me and My righteousness, then every good thing will be added to them.
        I told the Israelites during My covenant with them that they must listen to My commandments given to them and obey them, then they would be blessed in every area of their lives if they would do that.
        When I gave free will to My children, I gave them the right to choose their own paths, choosing either the paths of blessings or the paths of destruction.  Most often,  My children choose the paths of destruction, being ignorant of the fact that they are cursed by making those choices.  They choose to follow the leading of the devil without realizing it. Their eyes have been blinded to that truth, that when I created the earth for My children, I also gave them the right to have dominion over it.  At the permission of Adam, the alien spirits of the devil entered the earth in an effort to curse it.   I did not let the devil into the earth.  The first man believed the devil instead of believing Me and he allowed evil to enter his domain. 
        I pointed that history out in My Instruction Book very clearly.
       To redeem the world and all of My children, I created a Son, Jesus, from an earthly source, Mary, and from a spiritual source, My Holy Spirit.  That was a good thing.   
       Jesus defeated the works of the devil, took back My authority in the earth and sent back My authority into willing people in the person of My Holy Spirit.  Authority in the earth has again been given to My children to overcome the works of the evil and bring goodness back into the earth, if My children choose to receive My Spirit.  
     As a result, when My children will again hear My voice through My Holy Spirit and do what I ask them to do, then they have invited Me into their lives to perfect what had been cursed. Then goodness will again reign in their lives.  Blessings will overflow because they have sought Me and My creative ways to change things in their lives.
      Will you learn from the history of the earth?  Will your family learn from the history of the earth?  Will your country learn from the history of the earth?  Will your world leaders learn from the history of the earth? 
      It all starts with you, with the willingness to follow the leading of My Holy Spirit and only further goodness in the earth instead of sowing evil seeds in the earth. Whatever you sow will overtake you, good or evil. 
       Some of My children blame Me for allowing evil to flourish in the earth.  Check your History Book.  You will find that My children allow evil to flourish in the earth.  It all begins with you and your choices. 
       Choose to sow goodness in the earth.  When you do that, you have sought my kingdom and My righteousness.  The result will be that all good things will overtake you.
       Love, God
Genesis 1; Genesis 2:14-17; Genesis 3:1-7;  Genesis 3:14-19; Deuteronomy 28; Luke 1:30-25; John 1:29; John 14:12-17; John 14; 25-28; I Corinthians 12: I John 3:8-10; Galatians 5:22-25.           

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