Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Dear One,
     Constantly be on the lookout to locate people, animals, plants and objects upon which to pour your love.
     Love flows and if it doesn't flow from you it will stagnate and lose its power.
    There are people who are starved for love who need your recognition, your attention, your calming words, your validation, your admiration and your unconditional love.
    There are animals who need your loving care, your human contact and your appreciation of their existence.
    There are trees, plants, bushes and flowers that need your attention to their beauty and your care of their attractive beauty as they display their beautiful wares for My children.
    There are objects that need your love and attention, furniture, jewelry, clothing, electronic devices, gardening tools, all who serve you and make your life more enjoyable, easier and delightful.
     Those things should be maintained as being given from Me to enhance your existence in the earth.
     If you were to give your child a gift and that child neglected to care for it and
tenderly love it as an enjoyable part of life,  it would disappoint you and be an affront to your gift giving to that child.
      There are love starved people, love starved animals, rarely appreciated plant life and amenities of life are all in need of your love and attention.  Value them as being gifts from your Loving Father.
       Don't forget yourself, who also needs a measure of your love and attention.  Value your own life, care for your life emotionally, psychologically, and physically so that it stays in perfect balance and healthy.  My advice to you in which I told you to love others as you love yourself wasn't merely frivolous teaching.  It was My way to telling you that you need to value and love yourself or you can't love others unconditionally.
       Let the flow of unconditional love flow also go to your country and its officials.  
       Let the flow of love extend to things of beauty that are a delight to your eyes, enriching your soul.
       There is a difference in having love "for" something and love "of" something.  Love "of" something means that it is the focal point of your life, the reason for your existence.    Love "for" something means that it is is a valuable part of your life but not to the place of being obsessively protective of it.  I said that love "of" money is the root of all evil.  Notice that I said "of" in that advice.  Love for money means that you appreciate it and its ability to enhance your life with beautiful things.
        Let love flow from your life to the point that you have no judgmental thoughts, no hateful thoughts, no angry thoughts, no divisive thoughts, no thoughts of disgust for anyone or anything.  I said that love covers a multitude of sins.  It will overtake and snuff out the hateful, disgusting, angry, divisive and judgmental thoughts and actions of yourself and others.  Love is the greatest power in the earth and in My heaven.
         Love, God      
I Corinthians 13; Timothy 6:10; John 13:34-35; Proverbs 10:12; I Peter 4:8-10.

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