Monday, July 1, 2013


Dear one,
    Does heritage make a difference in a person's life? 
    Yes, most certainly.
    There are parental customs, genes, family traditions, expectations and family dynamics that control a person's thinking and his or her mannerism, characteristics and actions.  There are generational curses in every family, genes that are passed down through the ages that either plague the entire family or bless the entire family. 
    There are physical genes which affect the appearance of a person.  Those are very important relating to confidence.
    There can be behavioral genes which are passed down which either encourage a person to be law abiding or discourage a person from being law abiding.
    There can be intelligence genes passed down from generation to generation which either make it possible for people to accomplish success in their occupational endeavors or make it impossible tor people to accomplish any success in any endeavor.
     When people marry, there is the union of generational genes together in the offspring which will either bless the children or curse the children, depending upon which genes become prevalent in the life of each member of the family.
      Are all people created equal?  No, they are not.
      Depending upon the country in which they are born, they might have equal rights and opportunities because of the constitutions of the nations, but they are not created equal emotionally in the choices that they are able to make. Heritage either makes it possible to make the right choices or makes it impossible to make the right choices.
      A wise person considers the emotional, physical and mental heritage of a person before joining him or her in marriage.  The future of everyone in the family is affected by that choice.
       Now can you understand why I asked you not to judge anyone?  Not only will the judgment return to you, but when you judge someone you are not taking into account the heritage, which is the generational makeup of the person, for which he or she is not responsible.
       Generational curses can be reversed when a person is born of My Spirit.  That person becomes connected to My family, having a new heritage, becoming a new creation.  Then the old curses pass away and all things become new.  A person still has the choice of returning to the old behavioral curses of the former family.
       Heritage affects the inheritance of a person.  My children inherit all that I have for them.  A person who has destructive genes in his heritage can only inherit what the devil intended for them when he sowed evil genes in the family. They inherit destruction.
       Jesus came to earth and defeated the devil so that those people who believe in Me will inherit My kingdom, My family's spiritual, emotional, physical and mental wealth.
       Have mercy upon all people who yield to family curses caused by family demons.  Often their motivation is beyond their control without My Spirit to give them the strength to refuse the temptations.
       When you bless those who curse you, remember that the person who has cursed you is yielding to demons of which he or she is ignorant.  Cursing others might just be acceptable behavior in his or her family.  Bless them rather than joining in the curses which will return and curse you.
       This truth is another important key to My kingdom.
        Cease from judging others who are acting out of their generational behavior. 
        Your new generational behavior is My behavior.  I don't judge so you have My power and My example of being merciful rather than judging.   I am your Father so you have My blessing genes.
        Love, God
        Matthew 5, 6 and 7.   

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