Sunday, June 30, 2013


Dear One,
     Enjoyment of life comes from My spiritual gift to you of joy.  It flows from your innermost being, making you joyful in all things.  Being joyful is being full of joy. When you are full of something, you are so full that that there is no room for anything else.  So when you are joy-full there is no room for sadness, despair, depression, defeat, grief, worry or regret because your whole being is filled with joy.
     Enjoyment is good for your body as well as your spirit and soul.  Joy permeates every cell in your body, loading them up with healing nutrients.  The body is healed, the mind is healed and the spirit is healed.
     Joy sets you on top of any problem, making you the king of the hill, the boss, the overcomer, the total and final authority over anything and everything that life in the earth can bring your way. 
     You can choose to rejoice when emotional pressures start to build.  That's the time to bring forth joy from your inner being.  I told you in your Instruction Manual, "Therefore with joy shall you draw waters out of the wells of salvation, and in that day you shall say, 'Praise the Lord.'"
     One of the keys to My kingdom coaches you that you can choose to bring joyful, cleansing waters out of your spirit, the well of salvation.  You do it by praising Me because when you praise Me you amplify and enlarge the company of My angelic hosts in the troubling situation, allowing them to do their duties of restoration.  You tell the heavens joyfully that I am your salvation and that I will bring you  out of the situation as a winner.
    Often you need to shout and clap your hands.  Those actions are not to gain My attention. You have My complete attention.  The action of shouting praises and clapping your hands are for you, for your emotional benefit.  Shouting praises to Me will catapult you out of the wells of fear and terror that engulf you.  Continue shouting praises to Me until you are on top again.  You have declared your allegiance and raised up My standard, the flag of your allegiance. 
    I said that when the enemy comes in like a flood that My Spirit will raise up My standard against him.  It is your duty as My child to allow My Spirit inside of you to raise the standard, raise My flag, by declaring that you are My child and that I am your Father.  Praises do that very thing. 
    Go into your closet or get alone and shout, sing and clap.  Joy will return to you.
    Some of My children do not enjoy their position as My loved child in the earth.  They plod through life waiting for the joy of going to heaven.  My blessings are for your life on earth as well as your eternal life in My heaven.
    Enjoy your life by bringing joy out of the wells of salvation.
    Love God
 Psalm 47:1-9; Isaiah 59:19-20; Psalm 7:17; Psalm 9:11; Psalm 21:1; 21:13; Psalm 81:1; Galatians 5:22; Isaiah 12:3-6.
photo from Sapphires Moonbeams

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