Sunday, June 9, 2013


Dear One,
     You have heard a song referring to a cheating heart.  There is a truth to the theory of a cheating heart in the spiritual dimension just like there is in the emotional areas of life.
     There are times when My children cheat themselves out of their spiritual inheritance that has been given by Me.  That happens when a person only seeks after satisfying his own desires rather than following My advice to give to others and to love others.  The selfish person can become miserly, putting his trust and allegiance in his or her own earthly acquisitions.  I called that seeking treasures on earth rather than seeking the keys to My kingdom. Selfish, self centered people will find that the earthly possessions which were so loyally worshipped will be taken away because of the person's own self centeredness.  Evil spiritual moths and rust will corrupt them and thieves will break in and steal them.  The selfish person has a cheating heart, cheating only himself or herself.
      The cheating heart of the miserly person can be cleansed by Me when the person  chooses to seek Me and My kingdom.  The result will be the giving of commodities and love freely as led by My Spirit. 
      Another way My children can have a cheating heart is when the person has a close Father/child relationship with Me and slowly lets earthly things and activities take the place that I occupied in the person's loyalty.   That person leaves his or her first love and takes another person or commodity as the most important thing in life.  Again, the person is cheating himself or herself because of the trust and loyalty that has been shifted from Me and My provisions over to another person or commodity, expecting soul and spiritual satisfaction from earthly things.   It will never happen.
       The song has a real truth to it, that the cheating heart will tell on you.  It always happens, separation from Me will eventually result in unhappiness and unrest which will be apparent in your life, telling on you.   The cheating person will find that he cries more and more, walks the floor, and will be unable to sleep because of his own choice of separating from Me and cutting off the joy and peace that he or she found in Our Relationship.  Sleep won't come the whole night through because a cheating heart is telling on you.
        However, when the person reaches out to Me, I come flooding back into the life of the person who had previously cheated with a weak substitute.  I restore everything that was lost and reward the person with the rightful inheritance, just like the Prodigal Son in My Instruction Book.
        It is advantageous for you to refuse to let a cheating heart enter into you, enticing you away from My Love and My provisions for you.  It can happen so easily.  The enemy entices My children just like he did Jesus, with temptations to adore the things that he offers, things that appeal to the flesh of people.
        With the power of My Spirit within you, you have the spiritual insight and strength to refuse the temptation to choose the sinister activities of a cheating heart.
        Seek Me and My wisdom.  You will have all the promises that I made to all of My children, which are the abundant life and soul peace.  There is no substitute.
        Love, God    
Matthew 6:19-21; Matthew 6:33-34; Mark 6:32-38; Luke 15:11-24; Revelation 2:2-5; Romans 2:4.
PHOTO is from amazing things in life:  Butterflies in Columbia

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