Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Dear One,
     Forgiving people also involves forgiving people who serve you in various occupations, politicians, medical personnel, civic leaders, neighbors, entertainers, policemen, firemen and religious leaders.  When they fail to adequately do the job that is required of them, they deserve your forgiveness, too, just as much as your family members who fail to do what is expected of them or when they do physical or emotional injury to you.  My forgiveness covers everything and so should your forgiveness.
     We have talked many times about the truth that forgiveness is for you as well as for the other person.   It frees you from the bondage of judgment which will boomerang back on you when you refuse to forgive others.  That results from the seeds that you have sown.
     Have you considered that people who occupy places of authority are magnets for the devil to work against them so that he can affect more people through their misdeeds and failures, causing more and more judgmental, strife-filled, divisive thoughts and words to be in operation, thus cursing more and more of your earth?
     When people join to be public servants, they are exposed to more temptations than they previously had been exposed because of associations with different individuals, some who are influenced by different morals, different family values and different cultural practices.  So their fall from grace happens more often than if they had not occupied an authoritative position.  Often they are working with limited knowledge within their chosen vocation or occupation.
      You have My fruit of patience inside of you.  Be patient and kind toward those who fail rather then being angry and impatient with them.  After all, you would not do a better job than the ones who fail you.  In fact, you might do a worse job.  Forgiveness should be automatic to all all of My children because they are freely forgiven by Me.
       Research the nation of Israel and the admonitions that I gave to them when they entered the promised land.  I had warned them of the traps that were set by the devil to enslave them but they failed to be diligent in what I had instructed them to do.  Heeding My instructions would have prevented them from being cursed with wars and devastation, with which they  are still being cursed to this day because they took on the injurious cultural practices of the inhabitants of the lands.
        The same truth applies to those who seek to be in authoritative positions today.  They are under the greater condemnation because of their additional exposures to harbingers of evil practices.  Without the power of My Holy Spirit, you would also fall for the temptations and beg for forgiveness.
        Mercy is required in every area of your life, remembering that the merciful obtain mercy.
Love, God
Matthew 5:7;  Matthew 6;12-15; James 3:1-6; I Timothy 2;1-4; Joshua 23:4-16; Nehemiah 9:21-37; Judges 3:1-2; Matthew 5:38-49.
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