Sunday, June 16, 2013


Dear One,
     Don't forget that love covers a multitude of sins, iniquities and trespasses. 
     Love may notice the misdeeds, but love will not dwell on them.  Love will understand the motivation behind all misdeeds is the temptations of the devil.
     Because Jesus walked in the flesh, He knows the mental pull of the father of evil toward enticing you to  follow his leading.  Jesus experienced it and He was able to refuse to join in the evil pursuits.  That is why he so fully understands.  I understand, also, because I know the battles that My children face, which all involve resisting the pull towards evil deeds, whether they are spiritual, mental, physical, religious, political or sexual in nature.
     Love understands and easily forgives.  I forgave before the deeds were done.  I made all sins, iniquities and trespasses white as snow when Jesus paid the price for them with His life.  So the price has already been paid.  The prophet Isaiah saw all the sins of the whole world blotted out and nonexistent when it was revealed to him the coming of the ministry of Jesus. Love does that, love looks on the needs of others rather than the sins of others.
     So when you love a person unconditionally, that love will snuff out the power of  sin over other people.  It will cover it up, blotting it out, applying the forgiveness that is in the blood of Jesus to the misdeeds.
     Love understands the struggle between good and evil, between blessings and curses.  Love has walked the same walk in the flesh, and the person who shows love has also been forgiven so he or she is extending forgiveness to others because his or her mistakes have also been blotted out.
      Love passes on the same grace that it has received, which is total obliteration of sins, iniquities, trespasses, mistakes and misdeeds. Love does not take into account a wrong suffered.  A loving person might see the evil deed but he or she does not bind it in his or her mind, keeping it active and alive by retaining it.  A loving person forgives by giving it forward, out of his or her mind, remitting it.
      I said whatsoever is bound on earth is also bound in heaven.  It's your good pleasure to release people from the burden of their sins rather than retaining them in your mind.   If you retain the sins of others, you also retain your own sins.  When you forgive the sins of others, you also are released from the judgment of your own sins.
       I said to judge not so that you will not be judged.  Love always forgives.
       Love, God
John 3:16-17; Matthew 6:12-15; Matthew 18:21-35; Isaiah 1;18-20; I Peter 4:8; Matthew 16-19; John 20:22-23.         

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