Thursday, June 13, 2013


Dear One,
     Faith and love create good things because faith and love summon the angelic spirits in My kingdom to perform My good and beneficial works which are called blessings.
     Fear and strife in you will also create, because fear and strife summon the devil and his demons to perform their cruel and destructive works. 
     When other people begin to speak fear, strife and despair, My children must speak faith, love and encouragement, just like I do. Your words summon either My kingdom to perform their good works or your words summon the evil kingdom to perform their evil works in your life.
      I told you through Jesus that you can speak to mountains and command them to be removed.  I was referring to speaking to principalities and powers of the air, demonic beings.  You have My authority to do it because of the indwelling of My Holy Spirit. You are My earthly temple so you speak in My name, meaning you speak as My authoritative child.  The evil principalities and powers of the air must cease their actions when you speak to them with My authority.
      My Holy Spirit raised Jesus from the dead and He has all of My authority in heaven and earth to command the evil spirits to cease their activity.  The words must come from the mouths of My children.
      Only speak loving, faith filled words in your moment by moment conversations with people and choose to only think loving, faith filled thoughts every minute of your life.
      Never yield to fear.  It caused Job to be cursed and it will do the same for you.
      When you were a child you spoke as a child, always afraid of the dark.  When you are an adult you choose to speak faith, always trusting Me to protect and provide for you. 
      Always yield to faith and love.  There are only blessings in My family, the family of love. When you speak faith words and loving words,  you summon My kingdom to perform My good works in your life.
       Love, God
Job 3:24-26; I Corinthians 13:11-13; I John 4:18-19; James 3:5-13; Philippians 4:6-9.
Photo from Sapphires Moonbeams

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