Monday, June 17, 2013


Dear One,
     Love is the greatest binder in the universe, in the heavens and in the earth.
     When true, unadulterated love binds people together there is nothing that can ever separate, destroy or divide the participants involved in the unity of love.
      Because of the healing and restorative power of love, no person would ever choose to be outside of the union that is bound together in mutual respect, admiration and deference.
      My children concentrate their thoughts and teachings on My promises, My deliverance, My provisions, My power gifts, My gifts of ministry, My values, My virtues and My salvation, which are all of vital importance in My family.  However, I said through Paul that even if you have knowledge of all those revelations and  if you operate in all the gifts of power and the gifts of ministry, if you don't have love you gain nothing. 
       Did you pay attention to that?  I said you gain nothing.
       Everybody comes to Me with needs in their lives, needs that I am eager and willing to meet.  Very often, they find themselves with the same needs after they have received My salvation and have become participants in My spiritual gifts.   What is the reason for that lack?  The Apostle Paul said it emphatically.  He said because they do not have love.  In other words, they have no personal relationship with Me which will by osmosis cause My love to become their love for all humanity.
       When you know how much I love you, when you are intimately acquainted with Me, when you know the height, breadth, length and depth of My love for you, you are compelled to pass it on to others.  My love cannot be contained within you; it has to break out and envelop others becasue of My love for all mankind.
       When you pass on My love to others, to your enemies as well as your friends and family, then the spiritual atmosphere around you is so empowered by My love that all of your prayers are answered, all your needs are met and all your desires are fulfilled, simply because of your love which derived from knowing My love for you.
       I said though you speak in other tongues but have not love, you are a clanging cymbal and you gain nothing.
       I said though you prophesy and speak all of the wonders of the universe and have faith that moves mountains, if you don't have love you are nothing and you gain nothing.
       I said if you give everything you have to the poor and if you give your body to be burned as a sacrifice, if you don't have love you gain nothing.
       What I was saying is that you can do everything that religion requires of you, operating in all the power gifts and ministry gifts, but if you don't have the outgrowths of love, which are patience, mercy, forgiveness, kindness and goodness toward people, then you are not surrounded by My kingdom of love which dispenses all of the abundant life that you desire.
        Study the life of Jesus and His love toward people who came to Him with needs.  Pray for a revelation of the immenseness of My love for you so that you will be in the atmosphere of My love which dispenses all of My blessings to you.
        I desire that you gain everything that is yours as a child of mine.  It all depends on your ability to know My love for you and others.  Then you can dispense My love and you will gain everything.
        Love, God
I Corinthians 13:1-7; Ephesians 3:14-20.     

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