Saturday, June 22, 2013


Dear One ,
     If you will continue to seek Me, My righteousness and My kingdom, I promise that all good things will be added to you.  Seeking Me results in My revealing to you the necessary keys which will unlock the doors to every imaginable area of prosperity to My children.
     I have not hidden your provisions behind closed and locked doors.  That has been done by your spiritual enemy, the devil.  However, I have keys which will unlock the doors, giving you access to the means which will enable you to collect your inheritance.
     One of the keys is the revelation that good will always overcome evil.  Yet, sometimes My children regularly return evil for evil done to them, overlooking the fact that they are cursing themselves when they do it.  Those children are playing into the hands of the father of evil which results in multiplying the evil in their lives rather than stopping the evil.  I declared that only good will overcome evil because good has My power which will always overcome evil.
     Another key is to bless those people who curse you.  Blessing those who curse you will multiply My blessings in your life.  Cursing those people who curse you will multiply the curses in your life because you have released more curses, multiplying their presence in your life.
      Another big key is to refuse to strike back when others strike you.  That key is difficult for My children to do because they have been taught by their parents to always fight back, thinking that their opposers will cease their assaults.  Actually the opposite is true.  What happens is that when a person strikes back at a person who has stricken him or her, the opposing person will continue the fight and the fight will continue until someone is dead.  When you refuse to strike back when stricken, the opposing person will cease his assault because he is alone in the fight.  There can be no fight when only one person is fighting.  Turning the other cheek takes the power of strife away from the opposing person.
        An important key is to forgive a person who wrongs you rather than repaying evil for evil.  The same scenario is in operation here as in the refusing to strike back.  Forgiveness stops an emotional battle in its tracks because one person battling does not make a battle.  Also, you are forgiven when you forgive others because the situation is blotted out when you forgive someone.  Your slate is clean as well as theirs is clean.  There is no continuing fight when one person forgives another person.  The battle is over so evil has lost its influence in the situation.
         Refusing to judge others is another important key.  When you refuse to judge others, you will not experience judgment from others.  Remember that judgment always comes from self righteousness, which is the pride of deeming yourself better than others.  Refusing to judge will keep you from becoming prideful, which always goes before a fall.
          Being merciful rather than judgmental is a key that will fit many locks.  i said that the merciful will obtain mercy and those who judge others will experience being judged.  The key to the spiritual principle of sowing and reaping applies here.  "Whatsoever you sow, you shall also reap."
          There are many, many more keys to unlocking the heavens which will pour My blessing into your life. 
          When you adopt the thoughts, attitudes and actions of the evil kingdom, you will inherit evil in your life.  When you adopt the thoughts, attitudes and actions of My kingdom, which is the kingdom of good, you will inherit unmeasurable blessings into your life.
           Choices will always continue in your life, the choice between good and evil, blessings and curses.  Choose good and you will live a happy and prosperous life.
        Love, God 
Matthew 5 through Matthew 7.
photo from Sapphires Moonbeams

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