Saturday, June 15, 2013


Dear One,
     When you constantly sow love seeds, you can always count on the expectation that love is on the way back to you.  Good ground guarantees that there will be 100 times the love returned to you for every act of love you have sown. 
     Love returns to you in all its glory when love has been sown into the garden of someone's life. 
     There are always opportunities to sow seeds of conflict, strife, opposition and division, but you can make the choice in those instances to love the people instead of confronting them or joining with them in conflict.  You are always presented with those choices.
     When you choose to return love for evil shown to you or others, you will experience love overtake you and engulf you, further validating your life in the earth, just like you have validated the lives of others.
      When you find yourself disagreeing with the values, the morals, the actions or the choices that other people have made, bless them and do good to them.  Love them instead of rejecting them, because they don't know what they are doing.  They don't know that they are following the leading of evil impulses rather than following My loving impulses.  They are only acting out of their own family or societal programming, which you once also did and still occasionally do.
      Love treats everyone as if they are prizes in your life, gifts which enhance your existence and make your life more enjoyable.  They are prizes to you because they are prizes in My life, jewels which are more valuable than you can imagine.
      My love for you takes your breath away.  Let your love for others take their feelings of self hatred away, leaving them with a new feeling of worth and value.  When you can do that, you have fulfilled My ministry of love.   You have added My gift of love to your faith, thus doing the works that I have called you to do.  Faith without works of love is dead. 
        Love, God 
Romans 5:8; Romans 8;38-39; I John 2:9-13; I John 3:15-17; I John 4:20-21; Ephesians 5:1-2; I John 4:7-8.

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