Thursday, June 27, 2013


Dear One,
    When all spiritual elements come together to unite, then watch out because there are spiritual fireworks in the works to answer everything for which you have faith.   Your prayers set up the little details which orchestrate the situation and then wham, bang, everything works together for good to those who love Me and are called according to  My purposes at hand. 
     When all the spiritual elements unite, then all of your requests are granted and all expectations are culminated in the good and abundant things that I have promised.
     You wouldn't believe what I have stored up for you if I told you because they are beyond your expectations.  I said that I would do super abundantly more than you dare think or imagine, according to the power that is in you. 
     Pay attention to that caveat of "according to the power" that is in you.  Make sure that the power motivating you is My Holy Spirit.  Recall that I said through Paul that if you pray in the Spirit and walk in or be led by My Spirit that all things will work together for your good.
      All things will not work together for those who insist on being led by spirits of anger, disgust, resentment, judgment, strife, jealousy, impatience, unforgiveness, immorality, rebellion, divisiveness, and other like spirits.  It's not that I won't see that all things work together for your good under those circumstances, but I can't work things for your good when you are being led by spirits from hell which want to defeat you.  When you give your permission for those spirits to work in your life, you have left My family and have chosen to inherit the destruction that those spirits give to all of their followers.
     If you find yourself being led to do the works of negative spirits, immediately return to Me, your first love, and repent of your foolish ways.  You know that to repent means that you change your direction or change your allegiance.  Becoming in unity with Me again will put you on the side of My abundant life family.  Your spiritual servants will return to your spiritual surroundings when you return to Me, and you will again be eligible to inherit My blessings by your praying in My Spirit and being led by My Spirit.
     When heaven and earth unite, your inheritance is guaranteed.
      Be cautious that you are not again led astray by destructive spirits.  When you operate in love for Me and for all mankind, you are in a position to be blessed beyond your wildest imaginations.
      Choose blessings and live.  Choose curses and you will die to My blessings in your life. Stay alert to refuse evil in your mind for once you choose to yield to evil thoughts you begin to impede the flow of blessings to you.
      When you pray in My Spirit and are led by My Spirit, all things will work together for your good.  It's guaranteed.
      Regularly review that spiritual formula I gave you from Paul's letter to the Romans.  It is as follows: praying in My Spirit + being led by My Spirit = all things working together for your good.
      Love, God
Romans 8.   

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