Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Dear One,
     Joy is easy to come by when you are walking in and being led by My Spirit. 
     Because joy is an integral part of My personality, My presence in the life of My children is enough to bring unspeakable Joy to you. 
     My blessings bring unspeakable joy to you.  They are filled with joy because they come from My family in the heavens to you.  They are equipped with the ingredients that chase sadness, depression, grief and fear out of your life. 
     Joy takes an impossible situation and happily declares that it will have a positive result. Because of faith, patience and joy, a positive result is guaranteed.
      Joy doesn't only appear when things are rosy and going right, joy is a power that is present in the fruit of My Holy Spirit.  It is the energy that can give you happiness and patience before the answers to your prayers are fully manifested.
      When My joy is your strength, you have Herculean power, able to defeat anything and everything of the nether world that comes against you because you know beyond a reasonable doubt that I am your loving Father who brings all good things to you.
      Joy gives you the strength to laugh at calamities, knowing that I have overcome all of them and I will continue to overcome them in you.
      When My joy is your strength, you can scale the mountain of despair in a single bound, flying to the top of it and planting My banner of ownership at the top.
      All power in heaven and earth is given to you when I give you My Holy Spirit.  He raised Jesus from the dead and He can certainly catapult you to the top of your problem when joy is manifested in your approach to problems.
       I said that with joy you shall draw waters out of the wells of salvation, and in that day you will say, "Praise the Lord."  So when you find yourself slipping off of the top of the mountain as an overcomer, begin to praise Me from the depths of your being.  Review in your mind the times I have overcome calamities for you.  Those testimonies will rebuild your faith and empower you with joy. Your Herculean strength will be renewed.
        Love, God
Nehemiah 8:10; Psalm 21:1-2; Psalm 27:6; Psalm 32:11; Isaiah 12:3-4; Romans 8:11; Galatians 5:22; Isaiah 55:12-13.

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