Sunday, June 23, 2013


Dear One,
     Do you often find it difficult to refrain from mentally judging family members, friends or strangers?  Do words of judgment pop into our mind quickly before you even realize that they are there?  Would you be surprised to know that those are thoughts put there by the devil, the father of strife, with which to snare you into judging others so that you will also be judged?
     When that sinister thought of judgment pops into your mind, immediately begin blessing the person.  Make a habit of doing that, blessing instead of judging.  That effort on your part will be using the key to My kingdom of overcoming evil with good.  You have overcome judging with blessing others when you follow the teaching that Jesus taught His disciples.
      It is not only a mental victory, it is a physical victory, also, because when you bless instead of judging othes you change the spiritual atmosphere around you from the kingdom of curses to My kingdom of blessings.  Instead of summoning curses with judging thoughts, you summon My kingdom of blessings to surround you and minister success and prosperity to you, spiritual, mental and physical prosperity.
      When you bless others instead of judging them, you have rejected judgmental thoughts and their boomerang effects of having youself  judged in the future.  When you have chosen to bless others with blessing thoughts and words, you have chosen blessings for yourself in the future.
       Blessing those who persecute you and doing good to those who spitefully use you are easier to do when you train yourself to automatically bless everyone no matter how they look or act at the time.  Bless those who have toxic attitudes toward you and you will reverse the curses that were sent at you.
       Extending blessings when you are cursed and persecuted will send positive energy out to intercept the negative ones and you will not suffer any ill effects from the negative attitudes of others because you have trained yourself in the warfare by extending blessings instead of curses to everyone, yourself included.
        When you use that key to My kingdom, you are doing what I do, extending love when negativity is in operation in an attempt to snare you.   You can stop strife and discord in their tracks and you can reverse curses.
         I bring peace to every situation when I enter them.   As My child you must do the same thing, remembering that other people do not fully comprehend the damaging effects of their own negative actions.
         As My child you must realize the effects of the evil activity of judging others in your mind.  You know that it's a snare by the devil to entice you to self destruct because he knows that the judgment will return to you in the same degree in which you judged.  When you bless others, blessing will return to you in the same degree to which you have blessed others. 
         Propagate My kingdom of blessings in the earth by blessings others.   Blessings boomerang back on you just like judgment boomerangs back on you
         I said many times in My Book that you have the choice between blessings and curses.  I asked all of My children to choose blessings and live.
         Love, God
Deuteronomy 11:26-29; Matthew 5:7; Matthew 5:21-26; Matthew 5:43-48; Matthew 7:1-6; Luke 6;37-39;  Deuteronomy 30:19-20
(photo of a corner of my blessings....the pool area).

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