Thursday, July 25, 2013


Dear One,
     You saw a story reported about a boy who was born to an alcohol addicted mom, a woman who gave very little nurturing to her son.  She was negligent in his child rearing so the boy raised himself the best he knew how, without good parenting, without  good examples, without wise guidance and without protective family restrictions. His childhood was spent away from people in a remote area.  You imagined the thoughts of aloneness, isolation, rejection and rebellion against society that existed in his mind.
       Your sympathetic heart reaches out to the lost young man who has broken many civil laws, rules and regulations.  You rejoice that a man has reached out to the young man in prison and has ministered love, support, guidance, and is mentoring him in a profession so that the young man will have meaningful employment when he is released from prison.
       You can only imagine, because of those images in your mind, My love and empathy for My lost children who go astray, seeking their own immature ways because of being alone, unloved, unsupported and unschooled in the ways of My family.
        Your feelings of pity and mercy for the lost young man only mildly compares to My feelings of pity and mercy for all people who are lost, having strayed from My protection, My guidance and My provisions.
        My love encompasses all of the lost ones.  I have already forgiven them and I am eager to restore them to My favor and My blessings.  When judgment leaves you and mercy enters in, you can understand why I go after the lost sheep, the lost people, the ones with no foundation of love, honesty and endearing family structure.
        You can only imagine the thoughts of the lost young man who says, "Once I was lost but now I'm found."
         Do not be like the religious leaders whom Jesus chided for following the laws and  paying their tithes but who neglected discernment, mercy and faith.
         Do not let religious laws become your god.  Let love always be your motivation because I am love.   
                                                                                Love, God
Matthew 10:42; Mark 15:4-24;  Matthew 23:23-39; I Corinthians 13:1-7.

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