Saturday, July 20, 2013


Dear One,
     In the 24 hour period of one day you can have the experience of having unusual and diverse things happen.  You have felt a flood of emotions, from elation to sadness. Those days can be very upsetting days, both depressing and then glorious with each unusual occurrence.
     You know the truth that arming yourself with faith is the only way to plod through the negative occurrences that are occurring even within the positive ones.  You know the truth that the devil is trying to steal the limelight from the wonderful things that are happening by delivering bad news from friends and relatives while you are rejoicing at the wonderful miracles that are happening in other areas of your life.
     Trusting in Me and being empowered by My Holy Spirit are the only way to walk the journey successfully through a tumultuous day.
      You have the choice of whether to buckle under the nefarious events or whether to rejoice and be exceedingly glad, knowing that the end result will be a blessing to everyone involved in the melee.
      When the confusion gets to be too much for your emotions to handle, that is the time to be still and know that I am your loving Heavenly Father, your personal escort through the ensuing mazes of life.  Even during those trying times, I can make it a Father and daughter or a Father and son celebratory dance.
       Dance with Me.  You select the music.  I provide the deliverance.
       Love, God
Exodus 16:20-21; II Samuel 6:14; Psalm 20:11-12; Psalm 149:3-5; Psalm 150:4-6; Jeremiah 31:13-14.
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