Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Dear One,
     Be flexible in everything.  That is the key to how to stay out of judgmental thoughts. 
     Judgmental thoughts are rigid, set in beliefs and expectations of specific behavior from others. Actually the behavior of others should be no business of yours unless you are called to sit on a jury of peers in a trial.  Then you may decide guilt of innocence according to the laws of the land.  Otherwise, you should remain flexible, having your own beliefs of acceptable behavior for yourself, but being willing to lay them down when you observe the actions of others who may not even have the same beliefs that you do because of differences in religious training, customs, family dynamics and social graces.
     It is none of your business whether a person is guilty or innocent of a crime unless you have sat on the jury and heard all of the evidence.  Reporting lawbreakers of civil laws is your business if you have observed them breaking civil laws, but judging them guilty is not relegated to you. 
     The same is true in your daily life.  It is none of your business whether a person is guilty or innocent of dress codes, social graces or behaviorial actions.  If you are under religious laws,  you will be judgmental of the actions of others as far as dress codes, dietary practices and behavior.  You will judge everyone by your own standards.
     Read about the actions of Jesus.  He was not judgmental of anyone except religious leaders whom He said heaped burdens on people because of their religious laws. Jesus blessed the people who failed to fulfill dress codes, societal expectations and religious laws. 
     When you are tempted to judge other people, bless them instead. 
      Pride is at the base of all judgment.  Remember, pride goes before a fall.  If you judge someone, you will be judged in the future.
      When you bless others instead of judging them, you will be blessed.  Giving blessings will guarantee that you will be blessed good measure, pressed down and running over shall men give unto your bosom.
       The fruits of My Spirit of goodness and kindness will cause you to be flexible, always blessing others instead of cursing them.  Your future will be filled with blessings when you follow the leading of My Spirit and bless others instead of criticizing and cursing them.
        Be like Me, your Heavenly Father.  I bless everyone and curse no one.
        Love, God
Luke 6:37-38; Matthew 7:1-5; Galatians 5:22-25; James 3:6-12. 

photo from sapphires moonbeams

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