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Dear One,
     To bite and devour each other in a relationship is to succumb to the temptations of the devil in his efforts to destroy you.  Yes, I said to destroy you, yourself. 
     You might think that biting and devouring each other would be limited to emotional injury to the person who is the object of your wrath.  Yes, the other person is affected, also.  You have heard the phrase, "He just chewed her up and spit her out," indicating that a person's words bit and devoured someone else.  So this theory is well accepted in the earth as well as in My kingdom, that injurious words have the power to destroy.
     The description "chewed him up and spit him out" adequately described the warning that I gave to My children in which I cautioned them to refrain from biting and devouring each other. 
     So what do I mean when I say that the efforts of the devil to entice you to use destructive words in relationships will destroy you also?  It's the earthly principle of sowing and reaping, which is always in operation in the world. Biting and devouring others with destructive, injurious words will come back upon you and bite and devour you. It is guaranteed.
     I do not desire that you be injured by the bad seeds that you sow.  I desire that you refrain from wrath, that you refrain from injuring others with words, thus causing you to inherit the same injuries from your words.
     The caution that I give to My children also extends to conversations ABOUT people,  though not directly to them.  Those injurious words spoken in casual conversation have the same power to boomerang back on you, causing you to inherit the backlash from your judgmental, gossiping or critical words which bite and devour another person.   The orchestration for that is that the devil's workers are lying in wait to temp you to say something negative so that they will accept those words as permission to bring gossip and criticism back to you from other sources.  Then you wonder why you were targeted, forgetting that you previously sowed seeds into the spiritual atmosphere.
      I even cautioned My children to let their yea be yea and their nay be nay.  I said that anything else proceeds from hell.  Until a person is schooled in refusing the temptation to bite and devour others with their tongues, it might be a good idea to limit his or her  conversations to yeas and nays.
      My children quote My promises and expect Me to fulfill My promises, yet they do not take seriously the many keys to My kingdom which caution them to refrain from biting and devouring each other.  Biting and devouring others takes you out of the lineage of inheritance of My promises because you have adopted the lineage of destruction and curses.
       Biting and devouring others results in your chewing them up and spitting them out, which is not a characteristic of My family.
       Speaking critical, judgmentall and destructive words with your tongue is set on fire by hell, giving the inhabitants of hell permission to inflict destruction in your life. 
      The curses from hell might not happen immediately.  The devil is more sinister than that.  If the curses came immediately you would clearly relate the sowing and reaping to your actions.  Delayed reaping is done to you by the members of hell so that you will not connect the two, the sowing on your part and the reaping of your actions.
       Every word that I have spoken to you and written to you though My Holy Spirit in My Instruction Book are given for your protection from the works of evil in your life.  I am endeavoring to keep you from cooperating in your own destruction while you are choosing to bite and devour others.
      Let your words always bring grace to the hearer.  That is the Godly way to use your tongue.
     Love, God
Galatians 5:13-26; James 3:5-18; Galatians 6:7-10; Ephesians 4:29-32; James 5:12.
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