Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Dear One,

If you wonder why is seems so hard to find time to seek Me and why is seems so hard to hear My personal words to you, consider the fact that your spiritual enemy, the devil, wants to rob you of communion with Me. He creates busyness and confusion to distract you, and he sends doubt and unbelief to your mind to make you think that you cannot hear My words. He doesn't want you to hear my truths because truth sets you free from his bondage. He doesn't want you to receive My guidance because I can lead you out of his snares.

I didn't make it hard to commune with Me. I made it easy in the beginning, but when man allowed the devil into the world he put separation between us.

I made it easy again for us to commune when I sent My Holy Spirit into the world to dwell in men. Now we communicate via My Spirit within you. Take time to reason with Me and you will be free of all encumbrances that cause your problems.

Love, God

Isaiah 59:2; John 14:17-John 15:26

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