Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Dear One,
People who demand immediate results in answer to prayers can be compared to unruly, spoiled children who demand their own way rather than trusting the wisdom and ability of their parents to meet their needs and desires and wants in dire situations.
Spoiled, unruly children do not want to have to wait patiently for their parents to do the best thing for the children. They demand an answer to their requests immediately without having to wait for the perfect gift at the perfect time.
To be spoiled is to be immature, lacking many attributes in the areas of wisdom and knowledge.
Remember that I will always sustain you with patience during the waiting period. The time between the prayer and the complete answer to that prayer is a time for gaining revelation knowledge which brings maturity and lasting wisdom.
The waiting period also gives Me time to work out the perfect answer to the prayer. Waiting is worth it. Don't give up during the waiting period or you will shut the door on the answer. Faith and patience is required of you while I am working in your behalf.
Love, God
II Timothy 3:10; Hebrews 6:12

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