Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Dear One,

Because I am your Father, My most powerful assets to you are My ability to lead and guide you. Trust Me to lead and guide you every day of your life onto the most exciting paths, the most beneficial paths, the most rewarding paths. With My X-Ray vision and supernatural powers I know the paths that are most beneficial and trouble-free for you. I know the paths on which you would encounter problems and trouble of every variety and I will cause you to avoid those paths. I will lead you into the prosperous paths, the safe paths, the beautiful paths.I will do the leading and guiding from inside you where I live.
Another benefit of my guidance is that you will always know where you are, and you will know that the destination will be the perfect place for you because I have gone ahead of you to perfect everything that pertains to you.
Remember that I lead and guide, I do not push, shove nor do I manipulate. I give you the option of following My leading and My guidance.
It's always your choice whether to choose the beneficial path or the destructive path.
Love, God
Psalm 23
photo from RandySonOfRobert at www.flickr.com

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