Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Dear One,
When you begin to recognize your true enemy, the devil, and you begin to recognize his temptations, his accusations and his deceit, then you have partially won the battle. The only thing left to do is to stand up to him, whether it is in ordering him out of your life, or resisting his temptations or overcoming evil with good.
Remember that his lies are just that, they are lies. He is the father of lies. All of his deceits and accusations and temptations are based on lies.
Lies are opposed to truths. Lies are not based on any spiritual realities, they are based on what the devil wants to make real in your life by enticing you to believe his lies and causing you to give credence to them. If you do that, then you will end up loaning him your power to bring the lies into manifestation in your life.
I gave you My constitution and bylaws and bill of rights when I gave you the written word so that you would have your rights as My child in black and white form to rely upon. When the devil whispers his lies into your ear in an effort to trick you, speak My written word to him relating to My promises regarding the situation. The devil will have to flee like he did when Jesus did the same thing. Then the angels will minister to you.
The negativities spoken to you by the devil are lies.
My promises are truth.
Love, God.
Matthew 4:4-12; John 14:17; John 10:10
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