Saturday, April 19, 2008


Dear One,
Don't forget my promise that I will restore everything that the locust has eaten and the things the canker worm has eaten and the caterpillar and the devourer and the cutter and all other varieties of demons.
That promise accompanies My promise to mankind of the outpouring of My Spirit. When I gave you My Holy Spirit I gave you the power to restore all things, everything that the devil has robbed from you, what he has killed or destroyed in your life.
My restoration storehouse is full to overflowing and it is constantly being refilled with goods for My children. Because of the immense size of My storehouse it is easy for Me to restore everything.
Earthly fathers often put money in a storehouse (a bank) for their children for when there is a need. I have a storehouse that has everything that My children need and I am eager to meet your every need.
When you come to Me asking Me to fill a need or want, I authorize My angels to bring the fulfillment of that need to you. I have supply angels who love to supply things for My children.
Everything in My storehouse belongs to My children.
Turn your back on the destructive worms who have robbed you, and then work with Me wholeheartedly for the restoration of everything that was taken from you.
Love, God
Joel 2:25-30; Acts 2:1-21; John 10:10

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