Thursday, April 24, 2008


Dear One,
Always relate evil that you see operating in people to evil spirits, not to the people.
Always relate good that you see operating in people to My spirit in them, not to the people.
Jesus said that no one is good except the Father. He meant that in the flesh no one could be considered all good.
When you see something about another person that disgusts you or brings fear or dread or anger or hatred to your mind, ask Me for the discerning of spirits so that you can know the evil spirit that is working through the person in the situation. Then you will know with what spirit you are dealing.
Also realize that the heart of the person, his spirit, is pure in My sight.
Always see the purity of the inner man while discerning the negative spirits that are at work in the outer man. You can separate the two, the spirits in a person's flesh or My spirit present in his spirit, when you are led by Me.
When you are operating in the discerning of spirits it's like running a person's identity through a policeman's computer to find out the police record of that person. You can run the flesh of a person through my discerning computer so that I can relate to you the negative spirits at work in him or in the situation. Then you can discern the goodness of the inner man where I live and you will find it much easier to forgive the outer person.
Love, God
John 8:15; Matthew 71-4; John 5:30; John 7:24
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