Monday, September 15, 2008


Dear One,
Slow down so you can hear My voice.
You know there are times when you are too busy when a loved one talks to you and you don't hear the loved one because your mind is cluttered with other things.
So many times in our relationship too much is going on in your mind and you can't hear My still, small voice inside of you. Still and small describes My voice because I speak to you lovingly and gently, not harshly and gruffly.
When you consider that My words are life, then you should be eager to clear your mind of all extraneous thoughts and be open to hear life giving words from Me.
Every word that I speak is life giving because I am life. Therefore, My words are living, energy filled and power filled.
You have heard it said to take time to smell the roses. That is true, but I say to you to take time to gather the roses, which are My words to you which beautify your life. They are a sweet smelling balms of life to you.
Love, God
John 6:63-68; I king 19:12;

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