Thursday, September 18, 2008


Dear One,
Why is gift giving important?
Why is giving of yourself important?
Giving is an outward sign that you have thought about another person at a time of self sacrificing. It shows that a person has taken his mind off of himself and put it on another person for a while.
Gift giving incorporates giving your resources, your time, your thoughts, your prayers or your money to honor another person. To give to another with a joyful heart is divine. It is emulating My joyful giving which I do to honor and please My children.
It is written that I loved the world so much that I gave My son to it and for it. So it is with giving from you, because when you deeply love a person you give with no strings attached or expectations involved.
You know that you are loved when someone gives something to you. Give unexpectedly to others so that they will know that they are loved so much that you would give of yourself to them. I will supply the gifts.
One of my generous gifts to you is regularly giving you My gifts of wisdom and knowledge. When you share My wisdom and knowledge with others you are giving them valuable gifts., gifts of life.
Love, God
John 3:16 & 17; I John 4:10-14

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