Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Dear One,
     Let's review again the instructions that I gave through My Holy Spirit, "Having done all to stand." I was talking about standing against evil by putting on your whole armor of righteousness, peace, faith, love for everyone and walking in the truths of My revealed word. 
     You can't stand against the temptations to do evil in the forms of hatred, strife, dissension, judgment, condemnation and like spirits if you are also participating in them.  You can't participate with both sides in a battle and expect to win for the side of good. 
     You shouldn't use the armor of the enemy into a battle.  If you do, you sabotage your own success in the battle.
     For instance, if you have made your battles in life with flesh and blood instead of with principalities and powers of the air, you are already shedding your armor of love, peace and righteousness. By battling against your family, your friends, people in opposing religions, people in opposing political parties, you have already joined with the enemy because he is the one who has instigated the ensuing problem. 
    You must divorce yourself from the thought that any human being is your problem.  You have to realize that demonic activity is behind all evil acts of people who are the problem.  As long as you think that humans are your problem and you oppose them, you have joined the ranks of your spiritual enemy and you are battling with the enemy against your family, your friends, people of opposing religions or political parties.  You are no longer on the side of righteousness who uses the only weapons that are effective in a spiritual battle, which are love, peace, faith, revealed knowledge, wisdom, all of which are weapons of righteousness.
     Faith for unanswered prayers and standing firmly in agreement with your prayers also involves the "all" in the saying, "Having done all to stand."  You are firm in your ability to stand when you are righteous in your thinking, your attitudes, your actions and knowing who is the real enemy.
     No team ever won whose members were playing on both teams at the same time.   
     No child of Mine will win in the battle of life if he or she uses some of the weapons of the enemy in corporation with My righteous weapons.
     You can't serve Me and the devil at the same time.  There will be no victory for good if you do that. 
     Love, God
Ephesians 1:17-23; Ephesians 3:14-20; Ephesians 6: 10-18.

photo from: Sapphires Moonbeams

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