Thursday, April 18, 2013


Dear One,
     Stay attune to My voice.
     Keep constant vigil to be attentive to hear My instructions, My guidance and My wisdom.
     My insight is the equalizing agent that comes from the inside of My children, direct from My Spirit.  He will give to you the perfect words to bring understanding and compassion to you and to the rest of your earthly siblings. Understanding and compassion always bring peace. 
     I want peace between you and all of My children. 
     Strife will consume you and will consume other people around you.
     Do you really want that?  Is that your goal?  If that is your choice, then you have temporarily chosen to be the child of another father, not Me.  When you choose to operate in strife you choose to live in a pigpen instead of the mansion of peace.
     My wisdom and truth are always peaceable, gentle, loving, kind, merciful and liberating.
     Leave strife behind and return to Me.  You will receive the same anointing as the Prodigal Son, the returning child who forgot the benefits of  living and moving in the Spirit of peace.
Love, God
James 3:13-18;  Romans 8:3-17; Philippians 5:21-23; Romans 14:17-19.

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