Friday, April 19, 2013


Dear One,
     Celebrating the life of another person is the greatest gift you can give.  Letting the person know that you value his or her existence is a gift that will never die.  It will live forever. 
     To validate a life is to let the person know that you prize him or her and that the person is an assest to your life and your existence, that your life would not be as complete without having that life as an addition to your life.
     When you truly validate the life of another person, it is better than a gold watch or a million dollars or a top honor to the person because it is a building block in the psyche of the person, a stabilizer in his own value of himself or herself, a valuable asset in making up the whole person.
      Contributing to the firm foundation of stability in the lives of others is doing what I do, which is establishing My love in the person, giving value to the existence where there was no foundation of love and self respect.
      It's an easy task to give value to those who deserve it by your own standards.  It is Godly to do it to others whom you deem as being beneath your own standards of likability, respect, virtue, religious beliefs, political affiliations, nationalities, colors of skin or social standings.  The people who are different from you are the ones most in need of your validation.
      Give validation to others and they will value you, placing upon you the highest honors because of your contribution to their own solid foundations.  You have discovered a diamond in the rough in your field of life. 
      Validation is the highest prize a person can receive from you and it costs you nothing except your pride.  It establishes humility in you.
      Giving validation to others comes from My instructions of keeping peace.  The peacekeepers are called My children.  I value you as My child.  I desire that others see you as My child because of your humility and your sowing seeds of peace with all people.
     Love, God
     Mark 12:31; Mark 11:421; Romans 8:38; Romans 12:10; Ephesians 5:21; Matthew 5:9.


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