Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Dear One,
     Listen to, receive, digest and heed every tidbit of advice that any person gives to you.  Weigh the advice against the truth that you already know.  Make it applicable to your life if it is based in truth and affirms the elements of love.
     Very often, you are locked into something mentally and you aren't willing to hear and accept a contrary opinion or theory.  You are limiting Me and you are limiting yourself. 
     In many instances I can and will speak to you through the mouths of other people and even an animal, an entertainment production, a movie, a child or even a perceived enemy. 
     I endeavor to get My messages of importance to you any way I can of information that is pertinent to you and your happiness.
     Do not shut yourself off from opposing opinions.  They just might have a lot of truth in them. 
     Narrow mindedness produces stiff necks and stiff necks produce rigid beliefs which all come from arrogance, pride and stubbornness.
     Be open to all truth no matter the vehicle from which it comes to you.  You will experience more and more freedom if you will receive truth in many forms. Weigh them on the balancing scale of love.  That is the true test.
     Love, God
 Numbers 22:20-38; Psalm 1.

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