Saturday, April 20, 2013


Dear One,
     There are exhibitionist spirits who attach themselves to people.  They entice people to do a variety of show-off acts in order to attract attention to themselves.
      Some exhibitionist spirits might entice women to expose too much of their bodies in an effort to elicit lust from men.  In men, that spirit might entice men to wear tight, revealing clothing to entice women to adore them, admiring their well developed muscles and want to engage in intercourse with them.
     Some exhibitionists spirits might entice insecure people to be loquacious, always talking to the point of boring people, but in an effort to somehow maybe shore up their own weak personality foundations in an effort to gain the respect of people.  What happens is the opposite reaction and people want to shun the constant bragging.
     Some religious exhibitionist spirits entice people to pray openly so that others will know that they are religious.  Those people think that they are standing up for Me but they are doing the opposite.  They are casting My pearls before swine to be trampled upon.  That is why Jesus told you when you pray to go into your closet and that I will hear you and reward you openly.  He said those who pray openly do it to be heard by others who will remark how beautiful the prayers are or who will reinforce the flesh of the person by remarking how holy he or she is.  Jesus said that they have their reward, which is the adoration of others, which is the motivation behind the openly exhibited prayers.
     I spoke on this very precisely when I spoke to the Corinthian church about making a spectacle of themselves by praying in tongues openly, bringing ridicule upon My Holy Spirit.  When My Holy Spirit first entered into My children, they were together in unity, seeking Me, separated from others but in an enclosed place, a chosen place.  The motivation was not to be seen or heard by others, the motivation was to seek Me, in obedience to the instructions of Jesus.
      Learn to discern the prompting of the religious spirits who want you to exhibit My precious gifts in an order for you to prove your own spirituality.  That will only be your motivation if you don't know how to discern the difference between good spirits and bad spirits.
       You don't have to prove your faith to Me.  I live inside of you.  I know your faith and I know your love for Me. Be cautious when you begin to think that your devotion to Me must be openly exhibited to others.  That is when a religious spirit has entered.
       My children who are devoted to Me will love others, forgive others, refuse to judge others, make peace with everyone, validate others, have unspeakable joy, be kind to others, do good works of unselfishness, speak wisely, live prudently and give to others when a need arises.
       Jesus is your first and most perfect example.  He taught My children what to pray when he was asked how they should pray, but He kept His times of prayer with Me in secret and away from the masses.  His efforts were never to proclaim His Sonship.  His life showed His Sonship by His acts of love and his words of wisdom. 
     You must do likewise and keep a religious spirit from entering your life which will take the place of the Holy Spirit and make your motivations to be of the flesh.
       Jesus also taught not to give your gifts of alms in front of others, that one hand should not even know what the other has given.  He taught it for the same reason, so that a religious exhibitionist spirit might not enter into you, calling attention to yourself in a spirit of pride.  
       Your prayers and your alms are between you and Me in our communion times with each other.  That is an effort to keep you pure and free from exhibiting a religious, fleshly spirit.   
        Love, God
Matthew 6:1-18; Matthew 7:1-6; Matthew 18:21-22; I Corinthians 13:1-22.

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