Monday, April 15, 2013


Dear One,
     I provide for My children in many ways that you don't even realize. 
     I provide blessings when you least expect them.  Many times you think you are just lucky.  Actually, those blessings are gifts from Me because you are My child.
     I provide all of your daily supplies that you think are just happenstance.  They have been provided and supplied by My angels in answer to My commands.
     I provide what you call "God Kisses" which are surprise blessings, things for which you never prayed but I send them because I know what you need, want and desire moment by moment and I supply them as an unexpected gift. Every child likes unexpected gifts from his or her father.  I have the resources to provide gifts for all of My children.
     I provide friends whom you genuinely enjoy emotionally, spiritually and mentally.
     I provide a caring earthly family who loves you and prizes you.
     I provide a heavenly family who surround you and works along with Me as the cloud of witnesses who aid in delivering My provisions to you.
     My provisions for you are endless.  Expect them to come to you simply because I am your Father the Father of Provisions.
Love, God
Genesis 22:14; Psalm 65:9-13; II Corinthians 9:12-15; Matthew 7:9-12; II Peter 1:2-3photo from: 


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