Friday, June 25, 2010


Dear One,
Being positive is spiritual.
Negativity is also spiritual.
Being positive is from the Spirit of God.
Negativity is from the spirit of the devil.
Being positive activates God's angels.
Negativity activates the devil's angels.
Being positive builds up.
Negativity tears down.
Being positive bring life.
Negativity brings death.
Being positive brings joy.
Negativity brings sadness.
Being positive encourages.
Negativity discourages.
Being positive attracts success.
Negativity repels success.
Being positive builds faith.
Negativity builds fear.
Being positive comes from Love.
Negativity comes from hatred.
Jesus came to earth to reinstate positive mind sets.
The devil came to earth to rob men by instituting negativity.
Being positive glorifies God.
Negativity glorifies satan and his evil deeds.
Being positive guarantees success in all areas of life.
Negativity guarantees failures in all areas of life.
After I put it plainly to you, which do you choose, being positive or being negative?
Life or death, blessings or curses are still your choice.
I say again, choose life.
Love, God
Deuteronomy 28; Deuteronomy 30: 19

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