Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Dear One,
There is a place of peace deep inside of your spirit where I dwell in the person of the Holy Spirit. I am peace. I am Shalom. My character begins with peace.
If you speak the word "peace" over and over again you will hear the power of the word "peace".
Merely speaking the word "peace" brings peace to any situation because turmoil and anger and ill will cannot remain where there is peace or where peace is spoken.
There, very often, is also healing when peace is spoken and lived because of the absence of negative spirits.
Tranquility is a partner to peace. Tranquility brings peace to the mind and body, relieving them of all inner strife and stress.
You can speak peace to your body and it will augment healing in your body.
You can think peace and it will calm emotions when they are out of control.
Peace has many powers about which men have been ignorant because men do not know the power of My character and the power of My ways.
Speak peace to situations about which you are fearful or angry or anxious. When you speak peace you send angels of peace into your situation. The angels of peace have authority to regain the spiritual atmosphere from negative spirits and the angels of peace have authority to exert their aura of peace into the atmosphere around you.
Remember how Jesus calmed the sea. He spoke peace to it.
Peace is freedom from fears, agitating passions and all conflicts.
Peace is being in a state of harmony with all men.
Make it a habit of speaking peace and thinking and talking peace. You will reap the benefits spiritually, mentally and physically.
I said, "My peace I give you." I'm still in the business of giving My peace, but you must receive it. Then you can pass it on by speaking it and thinking it. Peace. Peace. Peace.
Love, God
Mark 4:38-41; Mark 9:50; Luke 1:79;Luke 10:5 &6; John 14:27

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