Thursday, June 3, 2010


Dear One,
What is good? Good is anything that is advantageous to you. Everything that I created in the earth I called good. I created everything in the earth for My children and I called them good.
Then man allowed evil to enter the earth. I told him because he had allowed the devil and his evil cohorts in the earth that all men would have to constantly choose between good and evil, choose between my promptings and the temptations of the devil. Then evil began to corrupt the things that I created as good. But men still have the will, the choice, to choose between good and evil.
I made My power available to overcome evil when I sent the Holy Spirit into the earth for men to access as a power source. My children who allow My Holy Spirit to make His home inside of them have My supernatural ability to overcome everything that is not advantageous to them, the power to turn everything evil into good.
Goodness is the absence of evil. Goodness is the presence of all things that are advantageous to you in thoughts, words, attitudes and actions. Goodness is purity in attitude and character. Goodness is anything that is of undefiled character. Goodness is excellence in virtue.
My desire is that My children have My goodness become a part of their flesh so that you will become loving, merciful, temperate, peaceful, joyful and faithful.
Then you can turn the earth around and restore it to the way I created it in the beginning and you will call it good, just like I did. in the beginning.
Love, God
Genesis 1: 4, 10, 23, 25; Genesis 2:15; Deuteronomy 11: 26-28; John 16; 7-15; Galatians 5:16-15

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Linda Onita Hardin-Atkins said...
Press Release: April 19,2010

My choice is to think with the mind of God. "Be Ye transformed by the renewal of your mind."